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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

For many people who have never renovated before, the first question that plays out in their mind is, how much does a kitchen renovation cost? It seems logical, it’s a new experience and they are obviously required to allocate a considerable sum of money to upgrade from what they currently have.

To answer the question, it’s important to appreciate the ranges of kitchen design options available and where each decision sits on the pricing scale.

In much the same way a Kia at $15,000 will still get you from A to B the same way a Porsche at $150,000 does, the options and quality and features of each are very different. Kitchens are the same… whilst a kitchen sized approx. 3m x 3.5m can be built and installed from $15,000 at the low end, the same sized kitchen can range anywhere up to $100,000 or more depending on options, quality and features. But, not everyone chooses to drive a Porsche or have a $100,000 kitchen.

New Kitchen Price Ranges

The price for a kitchen renovation can vary dramatically. To give a broad starting point…

A “Budget” kitchen including basic appliances, sink and tap, and installation will range from $15,000 up to $25,000

A “Mid-Range” kitchen as specified by approximately 70% of customers of Easy Living Kitchens will range from $22,000 up to $45,000

A  “Luxury” kitchen starts at $45,000 and can easily surpass $100,000 and more.

Why Such a Variation in Prices?

Kitchens are made up of many different components, with considerable cost variation across the ranges.

Cabinet carcasses are made of melamine HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) Particleboard with limited options apart from colour.

Door and drawer hardware can range dramatically from cheap, low quality and noisy hinges and drawer runners through to medium priced, high quality and whisper quiet soft close hinges and drawer runners, right up to higher priced, top quality electronic door and draw opening hardware.

Doors and drawers can range from basic to mid range melamine, thermolaminate or vinyl wrap, high end gloss and woodgrain boards, right up to two pac luxury finishes and solid timber.

Kitchen Benchtops vary from laminate to solid timber to solid surface up to natural stone, granite and marble.

Kitchen Splashbacks vary from acrylic to glass, tiles, solid surface, natural stone or stainless steel.

Appliances vary massively from the budget end to the obscenely expensive. If you really want to you can spend $45,000 on a fridge, $15,000 on a cooktop and $25,000 on an oven. Generally, most people have a measured approach to buying appliances and spend between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on chosen brands and value perceptions.

Whilst materials make up the bulk of the cost of kitchen renovation, labour and installation can also vary considerably. If services such as electrics and plumbing require relocation due to a changed layout, you can expect to pay more than if everything stays the same.

Given the broad range of options that affect the final price of your new kitchen, how do you design a kitchen you’ll enjoy for many years without breaking the bank? Talk with your designer about your negotiable and non-negotiable wishes and be upfront if you are working to a strict budget. Generally speaking, so long as your budget expectation is realistic, a kitchen can be designed to meet your budget. It really comes down to finishes and visible components you choose.

Asking how much does a kitchen renovation cost is not a silly question, but with no two kitchens being the same, it’ a question that can’t be answered without a custom measure and design consultation with a specialist kitchen designer. Your kitchen designer will guide you through the options to suit your budget and specify all components clearly and concisely.

Even if your chosen design goes over budget, you can always compromise and make changes that won’t affect the function or longevity of your new kitchen. But don’t compromise on the quality of construction. Cabinets must be well built and your door and drawer hardware is what keeps your kitchen together, so choose high quality hinges, drawers and drawer runners.