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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and our answers

What areas do Easy Living Kitchens service?

We currently service the Greater Brisbane area from Caboolture to Logan and Ipswich to the Bayside. Of course, we often get referrals through past customers for properties outside this area and will do everything we can to meet those requests. Simply call us and we will help you where we can.

Are your design consultations and quotes free?

Yes, unlike a number of our competitors we don’t charge a fee for design consultations and quotes.

You deserve to have the freedom to choose who you will trust to design and supply your new Kitchen before you start handing over your money.

We believe once you discover the value, benefits and guarantees we can offer you… that our competitors can’t, there’s a good chance we’ll be doing business together anyway. No pre-commitment required!

How can I know you will even turn up if I request a Consultation from you?

Don’t you just hate it when you make appointments with a company and they don’t turn up on time… if at all? I know we do.

That’s why when you make an appointment for a Easy Living Kitchens Design Consultant to visit your property, we GUARANTEE you won’t be left waiting or wondering.

$50 On Time Consultation Guarantee we Guarantee you will never be left waiting for us if we have made an appointment with you for a quote. If on the rare occasion something goes wrong and your Design Consultant is behind Schedule and you don’t get a notice call at least 1 hour prior to your appointment, then even if they are just 1 minute late to your scheduled appointment, they will hand you $50 on the spot, no questions asked.

Why Use a Professional Kitchen Designer?

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and should suit your lifestyle plus add value to your home whilst making your day to day life easier.

Only a friendly Easy Living Kitchens Designer, who has the knowledge and expertise to listen to you and understand your individual needs and visions, can advise you on how to make the best use of the space in your home to create a functional and stylish looking kitchen. You only get one shot, so you need a specialist who designs kitchens day in day out to ensure you haven’t wasted your hard earned money.

Unfortunately we find In Brisbane, people often make the mistake of doing things ‘on the cheap’ but it’s a false economy to spend ANY money on a Kitchen or product that will not be a practical layout, incorporate clever storage solutions, look aesthetically pleasing or stand the test of time. There is so much to take into consideration when designing a new kitchen and way too many choices and decisions to make, so don’t risk it with just anyone as the last thing you want is a kitchen of poor quality, looks and functions badly and actually devalues your home..

Only Easy Living Kitchens friendly, creative and experienced designers can simplify the process for you giving you all the information, sharing with you all the options and possibilities to make your kitchen beautiful and your experience hassle free.

How soon can I get a Friendly Easy Living Kitchens Designer to come and see me?

Easy Living Kitchens friendly and experienced designers are industry leaders and in high demand; luckily we have large team of hand selected specialists and can normally come out to see you in your home within 2 -3 days of your call.

Can Easy Living Kitchens help me choose everything to make an informed decision?

Yes absolutely, Easy Living Kitchens “Brings the Showroom to you” in the comfort of your own home. I mean that’s the best place isn’t it as your existing kitchen is in your home and the room the new Kitchens is going in, right!.. No more spending all your weekends tramping around when Easy Living Kitchens can bring it all to you…..Choosing everything can be quite daunting as a new kitchen is made up of many individual components that must be considered in conjunction with each other so your kitchen will not just look stunning and feel great but function well also.

Easy Living Kitchens will guide you through the process of choosing and making informed decisions about design and layout, storage solutions, your personal living style and family needs, cooking preferences, Appliances, cabinets, door styles and colours; bench tops and splashbacks styles and colours, sinks and tap ware; handles, hinges and drawer systems, electrical points, lighting, water connection and flooring …… just to name a few.

You will find Easy Living Kitchens will make it easy for you taking care of the big checklist and tiny details by walking you through our easy step by step process, so you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen process unfold.


My Kitchen is not an easy shape or size others have said it’s too hard, can Easy Living Kitchens help?

Yes can be rest assured with Easy Living Kitchens creative designers being the best in the industry having seen pretty much every scenario, combined with over 35 years in the industry and a vast range of experience to tap into no job is too tricky or challenging. You will get a custom designed and well crafted kitchen that most cleverly makes use of the available space and looks and feels just right…We are very experienced in this area and you will be amazed at our ideas!

I am looking to renovate my kitchen for the purpose of selling my property, can Easy Living Kitchens help?

Yes we can, we can design a kitchen with that objective in mind, understanding that you want to improve the resale value of the property without going overboard and what the market is looking for …It will also have that WOW factor too so it will appeal to prospective buyers.

We need a wheelchair-accessible kitchen, is that a problem?

No, all Easy Living Kitchens are fully custom made so not restricted to sizes or options and for that reasons we can tailor make every custom kitchen to suit your individual needs and create a space that is functional for you

We have young Children. Are your kitchens child friendly?

Easy Living Kitchens Understand that families with young children require kitchens to be safe and durable, and can recommend the use of particular materials and products to accommodate this so they still look great and will last.

Does Easy Living Kitchens also design Kitchens for units, apartments and townhouses?

Yes, you will find Easy Living Kitchens can design and supply Custom kitchens in any building from the smallest kitchenette or small kitchen to full sized penthouses…

Does Easy Living Kitchens design and supply Kitchens for seniors living?

Yes Easy Living Kitchens are experts in designing and creating functional kitchens for the specific needs of retirees and seniors living complexes. If you have one kitchen or 100 in your senior’s village we can handle it.

We just wanted to replace the doors and bench tops only, can Easy Living Kitchens do this for us? Is it wise to do so?

No sorry we can’t help you for a couple of reasons. One is we only manufacture and supply complete full new personally designed kitchens and bench tops and are not set up do makeovers like this. The second reason is, it’s a false economy because the carcasses will wear out and are actually the cheapest part of your Kitchen. So you are spending good money to replace doors and tops to save just a little bit of money and once the new bits go in the carcass will look old and second hand, plus the new on old never fits real well either. Our advice, save a little more money and get then lot done, you will be so glad you did. Otherwise there are small little cabinet makers or handymen that may do it for you.

What if I have a strict budget?

That’s ok, Easy Living Kitchens believe in openness and honesty in everything we do, so if you are able to do the same with us and discuss your budget, and its achievable and realistic then we can tailor make a design and kitchen specifically to fit within that budget. You will find Easy Living Kitchens are here to help you, so the more you can share with us in relation to your budget and ideas the better the result you can achieve.

Can Easy Living Kitchens supply appliances?

Yes Easy Living Kitchens will help you choose which appliances best suit your needs and lifestyle and give you options to suit your vision and budget. With relationships with some of the best brands in the world you can rest assured Easy Living Kitchens has taken care of everything for you and will make sure they are ready and on site for your installation .

If you already have your appliances, that’s ok we just need to make sure they will work in the new kitchen design so make sure you have all the specifications ready when we arrive…. Easy Living Kitchens recommends not buying any appliances until you have designed your new kitchen.

I have heard some horror stories about Imported Kitchens, where are Easy Living Kitchens made?

Yes there have been many horror stories with imported kitchens from being made with carcinogens, falling apart, completely wrong, not meeting Australian standards and no chance of getting warranty repairs done… the list goes on… Best advice simply don’t risk your families safety or your home by buying Imported Kitchens.

Easy Living Kitchens manufacture all our custom-made cabinets in Brisbane supporting local jobs and families and are delivered fully assembled to you.

Why should I demand custom made cabinets and why are they so important?

Unfortunately there are many Kitchen Companies out there now using restrictive fixed sized cabinets and flat pack systems just to improve their company profits INSTEAD of providing the customer with a kitchen that looks good, suits their needs, fits well in the room (and doesn’t look like a handyman job), maximises storage and more importantly is good quality with a good finish and warranties which the customer deserves and paid for.

Easy Living Kitchens will never put the customer’s needs at risk like this and will never take shortcuts like the others and therefore Easy Living Kitchens are one of the few totally custom made kitchen suppliers left in the market place today.

So what’s the difference you ask???

Other Companies

With Restrictive fixed sized cabinets and flat packs– You will be stuck with dead space, less storage, large fillers to walls, cabinets that don’t fit properly, large gaps around cabinets, strange cabinet layouts that don’t work for you but suit restrictive size cabinets, and in many cases they are not built as well and simply won’t last the test of time…ultimately you will be disappointed.

Easy Living Kitchens Difference

Fully custom made kitchens – kitchens made specifically for each individual customer and their needs, you are not limited to fixed sizes. Your kitchen will fit snugly to your existing walls and room, you will maximise storage as every bit of usable room can be used. No ugly end fillers or cabinet gaps, Superior world class quality. So if you are tall we can raise the bench height, if you need more depth we can do it, more top or bottom storage, done…it’s all possible with Easy Living Kitchens. You will be absolutely ecstatic with your new kitchen.

I want new Wardrobes, Laundry Cabinets and Vanities; can Easy Living Kitchens do that for me as well?

Yes, Easy Living Kitchens will help you with all of these. Being a custom manufacturer with no limitations we can easily accommodate your requests and it’s not unusual for carry out this type of work whilst building your new Kitchen.

I have timber floor boards in my Kitchen. When should I get them polished?

Most people get this wrong unfortunately. Never have you floorboards finish polished before a new kitchen renovation, it’s asking for trouble.

It’s ALWAYS recommended to only do the base sanding back of your floorboards before the installation of your new kitchen. Your floors should NEVER be fully finished until after installation… Why, well let’s think about it… For workplace health and safety, trades have to wear their boots so it’s inevitable there will be scuff marks, they are also moving kitchen cabinets and components around the room to fit your new kitchen, you will have plumbers and electricians and maybe stone masons and glass splashback people and all their tools as well..

So… To avoid disappointment leave the floors until after the installation.

How long does the average kitchen renovation take?

This will vary depending on what’s involved like stone bench tops, glass for splashbacks among other things, but as a general rule of thumb and to be safe it’s suggested that customers allow for 2-4 weeks from start to finish.

How much will my Kitchen renovation cost?

For many, renovating a kitchen is not something they have performed before. They really don’t know how much it will cost. They don’t know what’s involved.

There’s no shelf price to base your Kitchen on. It really does depend on a number of factors including size, individual tastes, quality and types of fittings, bench top and splashback requirements, appliances and many other factors.

CLICK HERE to go to our blog article that breaks down the true cost of a complete Kitchen Renovation and what’s involved.

How much a kitchen renovation costs is usually forgotten when the increase in the overall value of your property is factored in. Done properly a kitchen renovation is almost guaranteed to pay for itself and become a very sound investment toward your property’s value.

The only way for you to know how much your Kitchen renovation will cost, is to call Easy Living Kitchens  and book in your Kitchen Design Consultation and Quote. From there, we can give you a 100% Fixed Price for your Kitchen Supply, No Hidden Extras Guaranteed, to create your stunning, new Kitchen.

How do I know you haven’t quoted me a base price and will hit me up for extras later?

Unfortunately, this practice is rife in the industry. Many companies or contractors will deliberately price low to win a job, then use cleverly worded clauses in their contracts to justify substantial costs for variations and extras.

With Easy Living Kitchens you can be GUARANTEED this will not happen to you. Here’s how our guarantee works for you and protects you from hidden extras;

100% Unconditional, No Hidden Extras, Fixed Price Kitchen Supply Guarantee – Even if we find we have left something out in your kitchen design, you don’t pay any more. What you signed off on is what you’ll get and the quoted amount for the supply of your new kitchen is all you’ll pay… GUARANTEED!!! Of course, if you make any changes to what is quoted or add any extras beyond what is included in your quote, what you pay may change.

Aren’t all Kitchen Companies the same?

No. Sorry to be blunt but there’s no getting away from this. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” extends far into the Kitchen industry. I’m sorry to say, there are cowboys out there that have given us all at times a bad name.

Kitchens renovation companies have a habit of “here today, gone tomorrow” syndrome. Many builders take it on, discover the complexities and frustrations, then pack up and disappear. Often leaving many unhappy customers behind.

Easy Living Kitchens is a specialized Kitchen company and recognized industry leader here for the long haul.

We’ve invested substantially in developing systems, schedules and quality mechanisms to ensure every customer is absolutely thrilled with their Easy Living Kitchens experience.

You’ll find no other company prepared to offer the same level of professionalism, service and industry first Guarantees… that gives you, the customer… confidence, certainty and much deserved peace of mind when planning your dream, modern, stunning new Kitchen.



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